Head In The Sand

This initial thread of thought and discover was started after reading ‘gone to earth’ on David Toop’s Sinister Resonance blog. To which i’ve borrowed much of what was said, picking out a few references that interested me for further investigation. The allure of such an instrument, a hole in the ground, Is out of all proportion […]

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After spending some time now reflecting on what exactly has happened these last few months, I think this post will take on that kind of vibe – in particular, the JOMO sessions that myself, Auguste Oldham, Alberta Shearing, Anastasia Rybin, as well as others, performing together in an old life drawing hut. Though I love […]

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Cut Up’s

I wanted to use this post to position a few influences in light of one another, i guess as a task to better understand some of the connections and ideas i’ve been having recently in regard to process and outcome. Specifically talking about the simple process of Brion Gysin and William Burroughs method of cutting […]

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In the previous post i spoke about the physicality and the weight that accompanied the actions we were taking to amplify the sounds we were making. For the sake of curiosity,  what if we were to consider the weight of the last blog post in light of no amplification at all? – The discussion would […]

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Meuko! Meuko! NTS mix

To our surprise, a track of our’s ended up on NTS radio. Taiwanese artist, producer, singer and DJ Meuko! Meuko! Who’s followed our steady stream of soundcloud oddities for a little while now, played a metallic contortion of a mix on her monthly NTS radio slot around 3 weeks ago now, to which one of […]

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Studio Experimentation

Data is Material We’ve often discussed a distaste for many aspects of ‘live coding’, mostly the idea that projecting your screen is this clinching characteristic that takes the music to the next level. Differentiating it from that of other laptop or computer musics. Don’t get me wrong, I think seeing someones laptop screen is a curious […]

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Throbbing Gristle

“Seduction as a form of protest” – Throbbing Gristle As a contrast to resistance, speculate ‘seduction’ as a form of protest – to lure in an audience. not be aggressive but seductive – rebellion “We never do anything the same because none of us can write music so there’s no way we’re going to perform […]

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