Notes on Balance & Harmonic Structures

Installation – spreading outward from the cluster – allowing space for the objects to breath. Upon reflection, i could have gone way further with that idea, spreading the sound further around the whole room, really┬áspatialise the sounds. What might it┬ábe like to have an even bigger space with the same 5 actions, spread across the […]

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A Corruption of an Automation

Saturday evening just passed, we had the pleasure of performing at ‘A Corruption of an Automation – a film fundraiser that was situated in one of the few nightclub space’s in Falmouth. Curiosity surrounded this event particularly for me, I was enthused by the opportunity to take what we have been doing to an audience […]

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Intimate Kinetics

  Images of recent studio actions Small kinetics, a live sculpture happening, material resonance, fleeting energetic, talking teacups. Objects for tea drinking – instruments for sound making. Music, eating, digestion of audio. Slippery environment of temporal construction, for me it is important that the assemblage encounters levels (different stages of assemble), that I continuously add, […]

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Table Manners

Objects take on life when sparked by the impact of vibrations. Studio experimentation seems to have gravitated again toward the physical resonance of objects, day to day. In the last week or so in particular i’m become somewhat transfixed with a select collection of objects I’ve come across. The image above demonstrates a formal performance […]

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