Live At The Fish Factory

The video featured is an excerpt from a longer 20 minute performance we made for Tristiam And Isuelt an artist lead exhibition in an artist lead space The Fish Factory.

Its funny, I said to both Jasper and Goose after the event, its as if the steaming rice created a climate up on the hill over there, a humming wind perhaps or cluster of cloud, while the intermittent sounds of tapping made up the rain, the impact of droplets falling. Such a metaphor would be the best way for me to reflect on this performance,  it seemed to really accumulate where we are right now within our practise. Our camera encountered problems around the 7 minute mark and died, leaving this video more a souvenir rather than a live documentation of the event.


Perhaps its helpful here to think in terms of weather? In an objects you can tell where the boundaries are, in weather this is more difficult if impossible. I want to say that through the forces of contact that momentarily, as I have described before, the objects boundaries are mobilised or air-bound, emitting sound as a kind of viral contamination with the sounds of other object forces, collisions or frictions, of isolated events. But maybe this is to big a claim for the work, there seems too much a modesty with such objects.

I am however, increasingly interested by the idea of sound as something viral, or gassy, something like an condition or quality of air – it is released then maybe it is heard maybe not. Consciously or unconsciously, it is informative on a variety of levels, while it is intrinsically a part of the movement of time, it comes and it goes while we rely on its return, much like the weather.

Is it then helpful to consider a potential within the gassy or the background, the discrete as a tool for the subtle conditioning of a space? I’m drawn to the idea of activating hidden space with sound and he hidden spaces sound alludes too. Perhaps this is something to consider when thinking about how we may work with the JOMO degree show space?

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