A Corruption of an Automation

Saturday evening just passed, we had the pleasure of performing at ‘A Corruption of an Automation – a film fundraiser that was situated in one of the few nightclub space’s in Falmouth. Curiosity surrounded this event particularly for me, I was enthused by the opportunity to take what we have been doing to an audience out of the university context. To a space better suited to a throbbing kick drums rather than vibrating teacups… Regardless, we deciding to really lean into that paradox, playing without amplification on the floor knees crouched – while multicoloured lighting darts around us. I’d like to think that such a performance like this one, could respond to any given space – this could be more effectively processed by using objects and material of the venue and surrounding location, merging with the space time. (this is something to bare in mind).

Reflecting after the event, i’m reminded once again of Raqs Media Collective’s “To Culture: Curation as an Active Verb”. Particularly in regard to an earthworm reference that introduces the themes of a catalyst, the one who turns the soil, the one that causes things to ripen, ferment or crystallise. We’d spoken in depth regarding the role of the audience within a more intimate arrangement like so. Audience as active catalyst within the performance chemistry. Given the simplicity of the action, we actively encouraging audience participation soon after we began, for that loosening of control bringing about quite a different performance to the last. Captivated by peoples curiosity, the unique approaches toward the objects that i otherwise had ever thought to do. There was a calmness like that of the hobbyist tinkering away. Time and space had collectively shifted, or altered. There were times when I stood back, sat and listened – a new space had opened, a widening gap between performer and audience, a space where you could actively ad collectively explore objects and the weight of actions. Sculpture happening. A small and quite group huddled on the sticky wooden floor, i’d wondered where we had began and where we were now. Seeing this almost ritualistic participatory circular gathering of people was the a hotpot for new sculptural ideas for these materials, as if we the event had impromptu become a workshop testing ground.

  • Event as sculpture, the duration of objects and the weight of actions.


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