Throbbing Gristle


“Seduction as a form of protest” – Throbbing Gristle

As a contrast to resistance, speculate ‘seduction’ as a form of protest – to lure in an audience.

not be aggressive but seductive – rebellion

“We never do anything the same because none of us can write music so there’s no way we’re going to perform you know some of the better-known tracks like discipline
or something like that, its not like that they could sing along with it.
It’s that expectation that you’ve always got to subvert as well and if you subvert that within yourself anyway then half the job’s done.
We very rarely do the same song the same way twice very very rarely probably never. Sometimes we use permutations which is a form of repetition but if you do a permutation in a reasonably creative way as William Burroughs used to say that’s
when you see what it really says, so if you cut things up and rearrange them over and over again you can actually start to identify how they work on you and that gives you a certain amount of space to change your consciousness and break away from the narrative that’s been written by society.
There’s a tendency to think that TG were about that attacking and desensitising but it we were actually about the opposite, it was about sort of breaking down that barrier people have about certain attitudes to music and life in general, making them connect again with the world around them and assimilate it in a way that was positive for them to
move forward as individual people, a collective really good powerful force of you know.
We are all human beings for God’s sake and we’ve all got to live together.
The people who are in power have got much better at commodifying rebellion and they’ve become much more sophisticated in their techniques instead of being afraid of something different they immediately look at ways to exploit it and absorb it and turn it into a product so the whole strategy has to become something different from head-on confrontation; one of the things we’ve talked about amongst ourselves is seduction as a
strategy, to be much softer and more appealing and seductive and thereby give
us sort of hesitation to the usual dynamic that happens in terms of those
who would prefer us not to speak so you catch them off-guard by not being
aggressive but by being seductive.” Throbbing Gristle interview 2016

Ray Brassier: What I consider to be interesting about noise is its dis-organizing potency: the incomprehensibility of a signal interfering with the redundancy in the structure of the receiver. Not transduction but schizduction: noise scrambles the capacity for self-organisation.

What does noise do to us? I think it was during the London OXO Tower show we did as part of Keiken Collective that I really got a sense of what noise can do to the conscious and how that then informs the body. What really resonated with me was allowing the sound to unravel, to deconstruct and break down, having moments to fall apart in to chaotic noise was fascinating to me, to watch how this informed the performers. When  structure is lost – the effect it has on the body is that similar to what Ray Brassier characterised, it seems to allure a certain primitive movement, rawness, a fight or flight kind of gesture – in the sense that the receiver is unable to act according. The action is almost paralysing, a slow unravelling of familiarities. Which forces a new engagement a different reception.

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