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  • updated thoughts on social media
  • performativity  – notes on locations, and actions
  • further thoughts on narrative – scores
  • film audio mix

There have been a few thoughts and convocations that have been had recently, so it feels important now to dump a bunch of thoughts here; a little further research thinkings, and reflect on some of the discussions me and Goose have been having, as well others

Increasingly thinking about cinema and films, i’m watching a lot of them too. I guess my role as viewer has changed a bit recently, i’m ever more aware of the role sound is playing within the moving image; naturally this role tends to be a real clincher for me. In my opinion, you can get away with poor quality image, but you certainly can’t get away with poor quality audio – which got me thinking, along with this quality of the cinematic and the grand attention a sound can command.

A particular film i watched in the cinema earlier in the year ‘Notes On Blindness’ really prompted this line of thought – the film/ or documentary, is based around a professor who has been slowly loosing his sight most of his life. The film is based around the transitioning period, in-witch he documented by making regular tape recorded diary entries, which the film follows as a narrative of sorts.

This particular is a favourite of mine/ Where he describes his new found love for rain.

An incredibly powerful scene in the film. I guess i’m somewhat contradicting myself when i say that most of the speech audio is taken directly from the tapes – the low quality recordings of his voice harbour a textural sensitivity, encouraging a comfort in me as a viewer. It should be noted that perhaps when i say ‘high quality sound’ its doesn’t necessarily mean hd clear and crisp, but enriched and well considered. The fact that this film follows a narrative of sorts made up from the documentation of a landmark event in this mans life, both interests me, but also informs this project – this follows the idea of the score that me and goose have been discussing these last few weeks, as well as the role of narrative being a piece of documented text. Imagery constructed after the audio, the change in dynamic that can present.



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