I’ve recently figured out how to split audio over 10 different channels in supercollider… Aka I’ve figured out how to play and distribute sound over 10 speakers.

An idea I’ve just put forward to 700ok is a multiple speaker installation/performance area in which an audio interface & mixer sit in the middle of 10 speakers in roughly a circular formations. Me and Goose sit either side of the room with laptops plugged into the interface, while our screens are projected backward onto the wall behind us.

Me and Goose before hand can establish and modify in realtime a piece of code that we either build there or edit one already made – making sure that the audio is spread over 10 channels – this will create a 360 degree effect to the sound, which could potentially surround an audience.

Not only does this mean that we can play a very full and complex layered composition  (which I think will sound interesting in itself) We can also individually send audio to different locations (different speaker locations) – How exactly we play this would be down to use or perhaps the algorithm. I’ve thought about how we could potentially have some form of convocation, sending sonic data back and fourth. Which leads me onto what attracts me about this idea…

I really like the conceptual angle of sending data, moving it from location to location, treating it as if it were a physical material – the whole reason for projecting the screens is common in algorave or live coding performances and I think that it will work in favour of this conceptual angle. I want an audience to see the manipulation of symbols as material; demonstrating the power of this language.  I also love it when people project what is usually a private space + its totally interesting to see whats happening.

I think the novelty of being surrounded by the sound might eventually become boring to me…. This adds another level, another way into the performance.

The manipulation of symbols replaces the gestural movement of carrying a material to a location

What would be even cooler would be if there were no wires at all, and the data was air bound… Thinking about it, does that pose an issue conceptually? Do the wires somewhat contradict my point?


(insert photo of drawing, planning)


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