Live At The Fish Factory

The video featured is an excerpt from a longer 20 minute performance we made for Tristiam And Isuelt an artist lead exhibition in an artist lead space The Fish Factory. Its funny, I said to both Jasper and Goose after the event, its as if the steaming rice created a climate up on the hill over […]

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Sonic Mysticism

According to Adorno’s Composing for Films, the ear can seem a archaic organ, it has not kept pace the swift actively selective eye. Phenomenon seems a fitting word for such an unusual action. I’d come across the work of Tetsuya Umeda while reading a contribution David Toop made for the 400th issue of The Wire regarding […]

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  It seems a natural extension to attach a pencil to one of these motors, in fact it seemed to be align with a shared interest both me and Goose have from with the drawn line, such drawings act as post script graphical scores implying the gyrate movements of the pencil. A mark that is […]

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Temporal Landscapes

A curious set of actions rather than performance. The artwork expects activity in playfulness, patience, inquisition and listening. To know that everything makes a sound, unique to itself, tuning in to its form and resonance is part of a sensitivity to space, toward the objects and materials around us. By building temporal assemblages, sculpture is subject […]

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The Object of Sound

“creating something—knowledge formation, a sharing, language. In the movement of sound, the making of an exchange is enacted; a place is generated by the temporality of the auditory.  Auditory knowledge is a radical epistemological thrust that unfolds as a spatio-temporal event: sound opens up a field of interaction, to become a channel, a fluid, a […]

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A Corruption of an Automation

Saturday evening just passed, we had the pleasure of performing at ‘A Corruption of an Automation – a film fundraiser that was situated in one of the few nightclub space’s in Falmouth. Curiosity surrounded this event particularly for me, I was enthused by the opportunity to take what we have been doing to an audience […]

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